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Detailed Site Surveys

Detailed site surveys allow LeighTec systems to provide the perfect solution to any requirement. Our HVCA experienced friendly personnel precisely understand any requirement, asking all the right questions to enable LeighTec to fully design a ventilation system that meets all customer requirements.

Information gathered during initial site Surveys will be used to produce accurate 2D CAD system designs this, in turn, will help LeighTec create design specifications for any system from airflow to lighting LUX levels. This then enables LeighTec to ensure that even the smallest detail is established prior to detailed design and manufacture.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We have an experienced internal design team using the latest design software and technology, this gives us significant design flexibility so that we can meet any and all customer requirements. We are not fixed to standard design criteria and can therefore design and manufacture a solution tailor made for any situation.

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State of the Art Design with Limitless Possibilities

Our state of the art CAD software packages such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD contributes LeighTec systems design ability enabling precision and flexibility.

2D CAD (System design)

The design process at LeighTec systems begins with global or Layout design 2D design. This process occurs alongside site surveys to ensure accurate layout modelling with respect to site changes and layout variations. This will help LeighTec assess the requirements of the system and generate specifications for mechanical and electrical components. The flexibility of our in house 2D CAD packages enable us to design around problems often experienced in commercial kitchen design and installation. This may include design around existing services which would otherwise be costly to remove or relocate.

3D CAD (Detailed design)

Once 2D CAD models have been finalized and approved detailed design using our state of the art 3D CAD packages are used to meticulously design each individual component of the ventilation system ranging from ductwork to full wall/island canopies, the sky is the limit for our design team given the immense flexibility of our design packages. 3D CAD models created in SolidWorks can then be fed directly into our modern CNC punch machinery to accurately cut out the desired shape for manufacture and assembly.