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A Great Alternative To Traditional Commercial Kitchen Canopies

Our Ventilated Ceilings are a made to measure solution for commercial kitchens. Where it’s not practical or environmentally possible to fit canopies, or in fact where a more aesthetic look is required Ventilated Ceilings are an excellent choice. They can be fitted in any commercial kitchen and can provide a spectacular visual appearance and create a bright and airy atmosphere to the room. Ventilated Ceilings cover the whole ceiling area of a kitchen removing the need for individual canopies.


Aesthetically very pleasing but more expensive than canopies they do become a financially viable option in kitchens that have several cooking areas and therefore need otherwise several canopies.

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Why Ventilated Ceilings?

Where kitchens are exposed to the public it is becoming more of a requirement that ventilated ceilings are used and some of the reasons for this are –

  • Minimises obstructions and provides an uncluttered and clean view of the kitchen work area.
  • Increased safety factor
  • Visually attractive
  • Efficient use if high ceilings are available
  • Increased fire integrity
  • Increased extraction coverage improving working conditions.
  • Suitable for complicated layouts
  • can accommodate future kitchen layouts
  • More economical extraction
  • Easily maintained
  • No unsightly discolouration of the ceilings
  • Pre-insulated

Layout Options

In addition to the ventilation the ceiling can be fitted with –

  • Lighting Tracks and Lanes
  • Blank Stainless Steel removable Panels


  • Stainless steel
  • Toughened glass