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Clinical yet Practical Installations

LeighTec understand that a kitchen cannot function efficiently, nor be maintained effectively, if elements of the kitchen do not compliment the advanced nature of ventilation and extraction systems.

Ceramic tiles are no longer the preferred option within commercial kitchens as they attract dirt, grease and fungus, particularly within the grouted joints.  LeighTec can manufacture Stainless Steel Cladding to suit many applications or bespoke offerings.

Whether a simple splash back to protect vertical surfaces behind wet areas and cooking appliances to the complete covering of walls to create clean areas, stainless steel cladding is a step forward in maintaining hygiene, safety and practicality

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The main highlights

A sensible solution to retain the practicality and visual appearance of a professional installation.

  • Heat resistant
  • Effective fire properties
  • Hygienic
  • Easily maintained
  • Hard wearing
  • Visually attractive which can compliment your kitchen installation
  • Resilient to most cleaning chemicals


  • Splash backs
  • Clean Room and storage facilities
  • Walls