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State of the Art CNC Technology

Our modern, Yorkshire based, manufacturing facility has all the tools necessary for the production of complete ventilation systems and ductwork. We have recently expanded our ductwork factory to give us greater manufacturing capacity.

Our state of the art CNC machinery including the AMADA HFE M2 8025 press brake, the AMADA 4Kw Laser and the AMADA AT 255NT punch press, ensures we consistently meet demanding and varying customer needs.

We manufacture square section ductwork inhouse with the latest CNC machinery, including an auto fold ductwork machine, plasma cutter, laser, CNC punch and a selection of folders allowing us to manufacture just about anything you may require.

Short Lead Times

Our effective manufacturing methods and cutting-edge machinery means shorter lead times. This relates to a quick turnaround from original order to production and site delivery/installation. Furthermore additional customer requirements or product alterations can be manufactured in a fraction of the time it would take to “out-source” said requirement/alteration.

Self Sufficiency

All LeighTec products are manufactured in the UK by LeighTec. This undoubtedly assists in retaining control of the manufacturing process and means we are not tied to external suppliers. This remains a key feature and benefit to all of our existing and future customers.

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At LeighTec we take pride in the quality of our custom-built products:

  • Our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines ensure high precision with strict design tolerances.
  • Fully trained and experienced employees guarantee skilled assembly, machine operation and on-site fitting including fully certified Gas Safe employees.
  • We continuously monitor the quality of suppliers and ensure all components maintain a strict standard quality for the end user.
  • CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) of our facilities and machinery helps maintain an up-to-date manufacturing facility and maintain our strict quality standards.
  • We maintain a culture of continuous improvement in everything we do to preserve our quality values.


Continuous investment in technology and our manufacturing facility ensures the most efficient use of our machinery and guarantees high quality products for all our customer demands in keeping with strict industry standards  (HVCA DW/172).