Filtration System

MP’s recently announced that schools could benefit from having a filtration system fitted.

Quoting data that suggests “tens of thousands” of deaths are triggered by nitrogen dioxide and airborne particulate pollution, the environmental audit committee also wants existing schools near busy roads to be told to install air filtration systems to reduce exposure to the black stuff pumped out by the traffic.

Joan Walley MP, who chaired the committee, said: “Well over a thousand schools around the country are 150 metres away from major roads. Protecting children and vulnerable people in the worst affected areas must be made a priority by Government and Local Authorities. Ministers must pluck up the political courage to take the potentially unpopular decisions necessary to get the most polluting vehicles off the road and encourage more people to walk, cycle or take public transport.”

Filtration System - LeighTec

At Leigh Tec Systems We Can Help

A filtration system would help reduce the ingress of fumes within the school, assisting students with asthma or breathing difficulties.

Who Are Leigh Tec Systems.

Leigh Tec is one of the UK’s leading commercial kitchen and Ventilation companies

As we work throughout the UK and Ireland we can assist from design and installation of your filtration system to supplying your spare parts for your own caretaker to fit so keeping your cost to a minimum.

With more than 70 years combined experience within our design and estimating teams and using state of the art manufacturing techniques we are more than equipped to assist with your project however small it may be.