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The effective extraction of pollutants

General Specification

LeighTec ventilation canopies are wholly constructed from 304 grade stainless steel in accordance with HVCA DW172. All outer panels are constructed of stainless steel sheet meeting 304 specifications in a brushed satin polished finish. All joints are welded or bolted; there is a full-perimeter condensing channel with over folded and crushed edges which are also de-burred. The joints of the lower edge are welded, bolted and sealed avoiding drips.

Our extract and supply type canopies are supplied complete with extract plenum, supply air plenum, grease filters, supply and extract air spigot connections and light fixtures as specified.

Extract Canopy

Standard extract canopies are suited to many different areas of the kitchen. Not only can they extract cooking pollutants but they can be utilised in areas with excessive steam such as dishwashers. There are many different uses, combinations and types of extraction such as, Standard Extract, Extract and Supply and Induction to name but a few.

Extract Canopy with Air Input

Current regulations state that if there is gas equipment under the canopy there must be an air input system to replace the extracted air.

Air input can be drawn in directly but this obviously would be at the outside temperature so we offer a further option of tempered air. The air can be heated by various means to ensure the temperature of the air being fanned into the kitchen is at a comfortable temperature.

We can offer various systems such as heat recovery that are environmentally friendly and our helpful technical staff would be happy to discuss all options with you.

Supply Plenum Area

The supply air plenum is provided with access by removing the main perforated front panels using the integral locks. The front panel is in perforated stainless steel sheet that works as a low velocity supply diffuser, supplying air distribution directly into the working zone. The inner panels are constructed from stainless steel sheet 304 grade, with a plain mill internal finish. The plenum roof panels are also constructed with 304 grade stainless steel, the use of stainless steel has better fire retardant qualities than galvanized mild steel.

UV Extract Plenum

The UV extract plenum has safety features to prevent exposure to UV light, these include an integral baffle plate to ensure even with filters removed there is no direct line of sight of the UV lamps, if any filter is removed it will automatically cut the power to the UV lamps by disengaging the micro switches in the grease channel, this system is also incorporated within the service doors again preventing UV light exposure. The extract plenum also includes a hinged access door for ease of maintenance and replacement of UV lamps. The UV lamps are mounted on a cassette rack and are easily removable by disconnecting the electrical connectors on the cassette fronts. The plenum roof panels are also constructed with 304 grade stainless steel and have two levels aiding to a better fire retardant feature.

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Each section of canopy will be fitted with cool white high output twin LED’s.


Fire risk assessment by UK insurers and UK fire authorities has proven that correct kitchen grease filters selection is possibly the single most important factor in reducing the possibility of kitchen extract fires. We supply as standard a baffle type filter with close coupled baffle sections to reduce the ingress of any flames in to the main extract pod and remove a good proportion of grease.

In Summary LeighTec systems will -

  • Keep ducts clean and reduce excessive cleaning.
  • Improve hygiene and fire safety.
  • Greatly reduce odours.
  • Reduce harmful UV light by incorporating electromechanical safety systems.

Display Canopies

LeighTec also makes numerous display and demonstration canopies at the bespoke request of many customers.  An example can be seen pre-delivery, still showing with protective plastic covering.  Please get in touch for more details on our range of display, demonstration and road show type canopies.

Fire Suppression

There are currently three LPS 1223 approved kitchen suppression systems on the market. These are Ansul R102, Amerex KP and SafetyChef kitchen fire suppression systems. All three are effective in suppressing commercial kitchen range fires.  LeighTec uses only the Amerex KP system and for more information on this directly please get in touch direct to discuss your specific requirements.  The Amerex Data Specification sheet can also be viewed within our ‘Downloads’ section.